Treasure Takes Gold at Startup World Cup

Treasure team standing with Startup cup
Matthew Walsh
June 9, 2022

This past week we were honored to be chosen amongst 100s of companies as one of 15 finalists to present at the Startup World Cup Silicon Valley Regional finals! The rules were simple: Each startup had four minutes to provide a concise pitch about their business and after that seven different judges had the opportunity to ask questions and rank each of the companies. The winner of Silicon Valley would advance to the Grand Finale in September where the winner will walk away with $1M. 

Treasure’s CEO, Sam Strasser, took to the stage to pitch Treasure to a panel of judges comprised of industry-leading investors and hundreds of spectators. Sam shared not only Treasure’s mission and vision, but he also spoke about Treasure’s clients, ranging from SMBs to mid-market companies, and the value they derive from Treasure that enables their companies to be fiscally robust day in and day out. 

Treasure’s mission and business model resonated very well with the judges and the audience as we provide a solution to a problem all startups face: Making the most of their idle cash through Treasury Management. 

Treasure was up against some stiff competition from all over Silicon Valley; from web3 companies to the next-generation of Spotify! It was exciting to hear what other start up companies are building and the thoughtful questions the judges asked. After the 14 different companies presented, one judge deliberated and eventually gave their verdict... “And the winner is: Treasure!”

This is yet another hugely validating moment highlighting the value Treasure holds across companies ranging from startups to the mid-market sector. Especially coming from a panel of judges composed of some of the best VCs.

Here at Treasure we know we are on the right track, not because we are growing at a rapid pace, but because we are driven by our clients and their feedback. We are not only building a great product but a great team that is dedicated to serving our clients. 

As we get ready for the Startup World Cup’s grand finale in September we want to thank all of our clients for their continued trust and support! We are and always will be here to support you and your company's goals. 

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